Supporting people after sudden death including COVID-19

  • Sudden death is devastating 

    It tears apart families, leaving children without a mum, dad or sibling, parents without a child, or individuals without a partner. There is no time to prepare or say goodbye. Life is changed forever.  

  • Sudden death is horrific

    People bereaved by sudden death suffer terribly. They are often left isolated, bewildered and traumatised, and need support to help them cope.

  • We provide online advice to help you cope with sudden death

    Sudden provides information and guidance for people who have been suddenly bereaved and their carers

  • We help people bereaved by COVID-19

    A bereavement caused by COVID-19 is a very challenging kind of bereavement. Sudden provides advice for people bereaved by COVID-19 and their carers.

What we do...

We understand that people bereaved by sudden death suffer terribly – whether it’s through a road crash, suicide, disaster, war, accident, communicable disease such as COVID-19, or undiagnosed medical reasons. They are often left isolated, bewildered and traumatised and need specialist support to help them cope and move forwards with their lives.

Sudden is a global charitable initiative for suddenly bereaved people and the people caring for them. We aim to help ease the suffering of people bereaved by any kind of sudden death.

We do this by offering:

"People sometimes underestimate the importance and the power of simple social support from people around them, such as their family. Sudden bereavement can feel scary and lonely, and having someone you know, love and trust with you can make a big difference. Families may not be able to do anything to change the death, but there is a great deal they can do to help each other through the difficult times, simply by being there for each other."

David Trickey, consultant clinical psychologist, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families