Supporting people after sudden death including COVID-19

Someone has died suddenly

Amy and Tom CoverWhen someone you love dies in a road crash it is a shattering experience, whether you are a grown up or a child.

As a parent or carer, it can be particularly difficult to know what to say to bereaved children or how to behave around them.

This book has a very simple goal – to help children to cope with their grief and develop into happy and balanced people.

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Someone has died suddenly uses simple language and colourful pictures to communicate important messages and encourage discussion and honesty between children and their carers. It is a simple way for families in distress to share emotions and support each other at a bleak time. The book is narrated by two children – Amy and Tom – who have both been bereaved and are grieving.

The book starts with an introduction to death, shock and sadness. It then gives opportunities for frank discussion about what happened, what it feels like to die and what happens to the body. This is followed by a section on different emotions that bereaved children often feel and how to cope and adjust to a new life. The book ends with a section on how to remember the person who has died, including space to write down memories in the book.

Helping suddenly bereaved children

Helping suddenly bereaved children thumbnail 300x427An accompanying guide for adults to read with suddenly bereaved children is also available.

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