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About Sudden

People bereaved by sudden death suffer terribly – whether it’s through a road crash, suicide, disaster, war, accident, or undiagnosed medical reasons. They are often left isolated, bewildered and traumatised and need specialist support to help them cope and move forwards with their lives. 

Sudden is a charitable initiative sharing best practice, research and resources among professionals across the world working with people who are suddenly bereaved. Through this, we aim to help ease the suffering of people bereaved by any kind of sudden death.

We do this by offering:

Sudden's mission

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the suffering of suddenly bereaved people and their support needs.

  • To help professionals and carers provide best practice services for suddenly bereaved people that meet their support needs, by sharing guidance, initiatives and research and running training, networking and professional development opportunities.

  • To support and encourage partnerships and sharing of best practice between organisations caring for specific groups of suddenly bereaved people, such as murder victims, suicide victims, and road death victims. 

  • To help suddenly bereaved people access specialist care through the provision of free information and advice services, such as this website and Sudden literature.

Who runs Sudden?

Sudden is a charitable initiative developed by Brake, the road safety charity. Brake has extensive frontline experience of delivering support services for people bereaved by road crashes – one of the main causes of sudden death – and providing professional development services for carers of people bereaved by road crashes. Find out about Brake's support work in the UK and our international work promoting good practice in road victim support and road safety.