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Sudden bereavement: online guidance for carers

This page contains links to Guidance Reports written by Sudden to assist carers of suddenly bereaved people. 

heartA traumatic and challenging experience
An overview of how sudden deaths are unique, but share traumatic and challenging elements for bereaved people 

heartThe early days and weeks: dealing with the shock and grief      
An overview of responses that commonly follow a sudden death, including shock and grief, and appropriate care to ensure suddenly-bereaved people feel safe and supported during this challenging time.

heartAfter a month: identifying and helping people with traumatic grief responses and post-traumatic stress    
An overview of traumatic grief and post-traumatic stress responses that continue beyond a month for many suddenly bereaved people, and appropriate treatment of these debilitating conditions to enable a return to a full and happy life.   

heartViewing the body
How to give suddenly bereaved people information and advice to help them decide whether or not to view a body, and ensure any viewing is a long-term positive experience

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